Great Slots and Great Games for You Now

That is, to win in the literal sense of the machine is possible, but the big question: how long will the online slots UK player have the money he has won? Reality gives an answer – not for long. The main task of the owner of the establishment is to make sure that the lure has come to the same salon or, as a last resort, to another salon of the same network (see below).

The conclusion from this is in the main secrets.

Playing Slots


  1. Think about ways of retreat. Namely: there must be travel, one-time tickets, trips on the card, etc.
  2. If you go to the hall, always be sure that you will lose. Set up for the moment that you are just buying certain services. In fact, you will win, but not with money, we know something. The stronger the confidence in the loss, the less disappointment will be in case of a real loss, and the sweeter will be the sweeter in the event of a win.
  3. Clearly determine the amount that you can shove in the device. It’s better if it’s small, but the whole amount in your pockets, except for the travel. If you have 5000 in your pocket and you decided to plant 2500, then it will not drive, I guarantee that you will plant everything. Therefore, if I decided to plant 2500, then take 2500. Do not go to the salon on days when you get big lava (z / p, etc.) – plant everything. Going to the hall should be conscious and sober, and in no way spontaneous.
  4. For what device to sit down? The main thing: in no case it is impossible to rush unconditionally for the apparatus on which just a lot has been merged. The well-known myth that an automaton, after which they planted a lot, must necessarily be on issue, is true only insofar as the amount of the siphoned money only approximates the treasured issue, but does not guarantee it at any given time. Win can be in an hour / week / month, and no one knows exactly when. Imagine that you need to guess the number from 1 to 1 million for an infinite number of moves, and you know that with each turn your chances of guessing increase by 0.000000001%, did it make you feel better?
  5. So in automata you can formulate it differently: the probability 1/2 does not mean that the event falls through time, but only that, after about 1000 outcomes, the number of successes and failures will be approximately the same. 5 So, you play. There are no rules here. Bugs, special stakes, signs – complete garbage. Play online slots UKas you like, combine, improvise, drive. In short, have fun. Know one thing, it’s a computer the same as your home, only the “reset” button here is called “start”.
  6. If you play at high stakes, you merge, and you have a loan for only one hand – turn on the small bet. So you will stretch the pleasure (and why else did you come here, if you are not from the category of suckers) and there, maybe even lucky and at least something to beat.
  7. More about the rates. All bets are without a difference. Remember one thing: the machine does not know what the “bet”, “line”, “red / black” is (it’s just a graphic display of binary code, about which only the video card knows, and the processor is given the video card command (but not the other way around), so , if the machine has decided to pour you, then it will do it at any rate, at least 1 * 1, at least 3 * 3. The same rule works on the other hand, which is more sad: if the machine is not ripe for delivery, then play at least 9 * 100, there will be no wine.
  8. “Divination” of cards and other garbage. All red / black, big / small, open the desired cell with a finger poking … Of course, you remember that before every guessing, you zealously thought what to click, remembered the sequence, studied patterns (“after 10 reds it will be black”).
  9. Some fuckers fall into the other extreme – they believe that if you develop a certain style of “fortune telling”, then the machine will “calculate” it, adjust it to it and will purposefully show the fail.

The bonus

99.5% of the whistles and fakes of the device were invented by marketers, from the shape and design of the buttons to the color of the inscription on the screen. And the online slots UK bonus is no exception.